Quand l’Italie est à l’honneur, c’est grandiose !


Antique Dealer, Fine and Decorative Art founder, is a vocation, a way of life for us.
We enjoy the excitement to discover rare and beautiful objects, nurtured by the passion for handcrafts, artisanal & artistic creativity, patrimonial restoration, conservation and transmission…  against the backdrop of an approach, a search for transparency and authenticity, in the acquisition and retail of our objects.

Dare to mix Styles and Periods!
Antique or Vintage decorative art objects, authentical period or style furniture, often harmonize remarkably well in modern interiors.
The alternation of contemporary creations, design objects, in combination with the charm of an antique decorative element, installs a particular vibration.
Create your atmosphere. You know, this perfect harmony for an interior that reassures you and looks like you…
Besides it is a global and positive approach for our planet!

Decoration that is mixing styles is a mindset for @antinamarket.
It is the tips we always give and we encourage our clients to adopt it.

The picture of the Palazzo

In this beautifull historical palace in Florence, the 17th century frescos have been preserved and restored marvellously. Nothing can better enhance the quality of the products sold in this brand new luxury shoes store, which combines retail, lounging and office spaces. Modernity and Historical just melt in perfection. We say BRAVO !

Preservación arquitectónicaEste flagship de Aquazzura se aloja en un palacio italiano cuya arquitectura de origen fue preservada.

Contraste contemporáneoLas piezas de mobiliario contemporáneas crean un contraste con el edificio histórico.

Explosión de color : Las tonalidades vivas que el equipo de Casa Do Passadiço utilizó hacen referencia a los antiguos frescos coloridos del palacio.

Homenaje históricoLos frescos del siglo XVII fueron restaurados para honrar el legado y la historia del edificio.

Colaboración creativaLa tienda de Florencia es la primera que Casa Do Passadiço diseñó para la marca Aquazzura, sublime boutique de zapatos en Florencia, Italia

photo : @francisco_almeida_dias  lieu : @aquazzuraboutiques
designer @casadopassadico  edition : @admexico


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