The Left Bank duplex of interior designer Tino Zervudachi — one of namesakes behind the firm of Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi — is at once sophisticated and inviting. Photo by Marianne Haas.


In this Quai Anatole apartment, French designer and architect Pierre Yovanovitch showcases his mastery of composition and curation. Image courtesy of Lux Productions.


Classical finishings and contemporary furnishings work hand-in-hand in this Paris home, highlighting the timeless, versatile character of Hausmannian architecture. Photo by Sara Niedzwiecka.

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Deirdre Murray
| 2 months ago

Most enjoyable and exciting to read essay!
Catherine Flynn
| 2 months ago

My memories are from the ‘60’s, but aside from the shallow wrought iron balconies and shapely fireplaces, I only see Paris in the designs of Alidad.
| 2 months ago

That’s so intriguing to me because the first thing that comes to mind with Alidad’s Interior is British Colonialism in India…
Very Interesting…..
Dan Harmon
| 3 weeks ago

Weird because all I can think about is a big piece of furniture from any period falling on both of you.
Maynard Pearlstine
| 2 months ago

Do you know of any Paris apartments for rent ? Weekly or other ?

Gary scheft
| 1 day ago

Maynard have you ever heard of AirBnB??
Check it out please gs
Barb Gee
| 1 day ago

Try HavensParis or ParisHavens…great looking apartments for rent…
| 2 months ago

stop to these non sens inherited from Ikea catalogue !!!
Cynthia Lambert
| 2 months ago

Most of them have that banal greigeness to them that rather makes them all run together in one’s mind. The Alidad room, however, fairly jumps off the page with its exuberant use of colour and wonderful design. Marvelous!
| 1 month ago

Beautiful but obviously people dont live in these apartments.
Erik Welind
| 1 month ago

Most of this rooms are modern and elegant, at the same time they are cold and uninviting. Good for show, not good for living in it.
Where is the French charm
Yunide Morel
| 3 weeks ago

Exquisite gray color for bright and modern home.
Priscilla Baysinger
| 2 weeks ago

A number of rooms would be quite beautiful if the furniture and decorating complemented the rooms. As shown, it was all quite disappointing.
| 2 weeks ago

I am also a artist. I just love to see contemporary designs of furniture and art works. It is so wonderful to see color.
Janet Marcus
| 2 days ago

Boring, uncomfortable, and banal. The only exception is the Alidad room which is warm, inviting and unique. Why promote sterility?
geo petty
| 1 day ago

just makes me want to toss a newspaper on the table, squash a few cushions, and turn on the telly….. where are they hiding them….. just saying…
Leo Dowell
| 1 day ago

When you have been a designer for over 50 years, you speak your mind.
My first and last love will be Paris interiors, but I have to say these just leave me cold. What I have experienced in my travels for me as a professional has been more memorable dramatic to me.

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Moroccan bathroom sink
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Moroccan living room overlooking a gorgeous courtyard. Somewhere in Morocco. #Moroccan #Courtyard #Riad.
Jane Birkin in « La Piscine, » 1969 – one of my favorite films ever
Musee Rodin Paris.
Hans Wegner for Getama Daybed
Hans Wegner for Getama Daybed image 3
Hans Wegner for Getama Daybed image 7
Congo Chair image 3
Contemporary Moroccan Wool Rug |
A Pair of Glamorous Sapphire and Diamond Chandelier Earrings |
Blue Agate Topaz Sapphire Diamond Gold Drop Earrings |
Sapphire Diamond Cluster Earrings |
This painting adds just the right amount of drama.
Large color block wall art
french country kitchen
Nicole Franzen
Table and Four Chairs |
Alexander Calder – Untitled, 1968 |
Parisian apartment.
nice mirrored bookshelf
Jane birkin
Montmartre, Paris
Black + white.
Antique Side Chairs in Gray Wool
Complete Series of Framed Vintage Flair Magazines |
Bell Lamp in Gold |
Gurney’s Montauk Resort and Seawater Spa
Summer Patio
French architecture
Renovated farmhouse
Seven Decanters by Nanny Still for Riihimaen |
Ikat Shawl
George Nelson Home Office Desk |
Pair of Large Chandeliers by GMCE, Italy, 1970s
Mid-Century Modern Rope Chair |
John Risley Dining Table image 4
Vintage Turkish Tulu Shag Runner |
Paul McDonough – Florida |
path & ivy
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