Sculpture en terre cuite, d’après Paul Hippolyte DELAROCHE

Sculpture en terre cuite, d’après Paul Hippolyte DELAROCHE

Epreuve en terre cuite à patine blanche, d’après le marbre original de Paul Hippolyte DELAROCHE, représentant une jeune femme nue sortant du bain, assis sur un rocher.

Signée sur la terrasse: Delaroche
Epoque : fin 19ème/ début 20ème

Etat: Très bel état

Dimensions : hauteur: 62cm diamètre: 32 cm

Prix de vente : 900€
Terracotta sculpture proof in a white patina, imitating marble, from the original marble of the famous artist Paul Hippolyte Delaroche, depicting a young naked woman coming out of the bath, sitting on a rock.

Signed on the terrace Delaroche

Period: late 19th / early 20th

Condition: Very good

Dimensions: height: 62cm diameter: 32 cm

Price: € 900

DELIVERY: offered in Paris and surburbs. Please consult us for a shipping quotation.


Hippolyte de la Roche says Paul Delaroche, born July 17, 1797 in Paris died November 4, 1856, is a painter, sculptor French. Born into a wealthy family, his father is an expert in paintings. He married in 1843 a daughter of Horace Vernet, whose untimely death darkens his last years. Paul Delaroche was a pupil of Louis Étienne Watelet then Antoine-Jean Gros. He exhibited for the first time at the Salon of 1822 and draws attention Géricault. It is beginning to be noticed that 1824 room where exposed Saint Vincent de Paul preaching for foundlings and Joan of Arc in prison. He is best known for being the originator of the « historical anecdote, » a genre documentary vocation and dramatic sensibility that is very successful. If Paul Delaroche is one of the most famous masters of his time, it is largely due to the fact that the genre which he has made a specialty perfect for the ideal of artistic movement of « middle » of the July Monarchy. He realized the sculptures found on the front of the Paris City Hall.

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