Create your own ambiance! We give you some tips here…



ANTIQUES DEALER is our profession, a way of life, a joy to discover the rare and beautiful object, a passion for crafts, artistic creation, restoration, conservation, transmission… 

against a backdrop, an approach and a search for transparency and authenticity, in the acquisition of our decorative art objects.

Dare to mix Styles, Periods t! Antique or vintage decorative objects, period furniture or even style, often harmonize remarkably well in a modern interior. The alternation of contemporary creations, often useful design objects, with the charm of an old, vintage decoration element, installs a particular vibration.

Create this atmosphere, this perfect harmony for an interior that reassures you and looks like you… and it’s also good for our planet!

Decoration that is mixing styles is a mindset for @antinamarket! It is the tips we always give and we encourage our clients to adopt it. #antiquedealer #artgalleryonline

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