What Makes Picasso Ceramics Collectible?

One fateful day in 1946, Picasso visited an exhibition of local crafts in the Côte d’Azur, where he met Vallauris-based ceramicist Suzanne Ramié. Head of the family-run Madoura pottery, Ramié invited the artist to her nearby atelier that very afternoon. The ever-curious Picasso immediately set to work experimenting in clay, producing two bulls and a petite faun’s head on the spot. He eagerly returned to the workshop in 1947, where he was to spend the next 25 years creating an astounding 633 different ceramic editions.




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Inspiration « Saint Valentin » : Art graphique, Peinture..

Un MATISSE bien sûr…    Et pourquoi pas un CHMAROFF ou bien d’illustres inconnus très talentueux ?